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What Unique Services do you offer for Business Buyers?

While we provide all the traditional services for business buyers, namely putting deals together, there are a few unique programs we offer to business buyers:

Search Services: Growth Through Acquisition

We offer search services for business buyers. We are happy to offer these services to anyone who has a very specific acquisition need. However, most of our clients for this service are companies looking to grow by acquisition. This is a particular expertise of ours. In fact we have recently written a book on the subject called Strategic Acquisition: A Smarter Way to Grow a Small or Medium Size Company

For more information on our growth through acquisition services (or our book), click here.

Approaching Your Competitor with a Business Acquisition Proposal

Business owners often consider approaching their direct competitors with a proposal to buy them out. However, a direct approach to someone you are actively competing against is, at best, awkward for both would-be buyer and would-be seller.

There are lots of instances where the seller would be interested in selling his or her company but is understandably reluctant to admit that to a competitor, let alone share sensitive financial information.

Over the years, we have developed some very effective strategies for approaching competitors with appropriate sensitivity. We can approach your competitor for you while maintaining confidentiality on both sides. When both parties do agree to share information, we can control the flow of information to protect all concerned.

Click the link for more information on our Buy Your Competitor services.

Evaluating an Acquisition Target

Buying a business is a big step. What's more, there is no well regulated marketplace for business acquisitions; it is pretty much a buyer beware world.

Business acquisition is an especially daunting process for a first-timer. Even veteran company buyers can benefit from an objective third party perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of a deal, and of a business' value.

We can help you evaluate a business acquisition. Our evaluation would certainly include a business valuation. However, we can go way beyond a standard business valuation and look at other aspects of the deal including whether it works in your particular situation. Click the link for more information on our acquisition evaluation services

If you are contemplating buying a company or have related M&A needs, feel free to contact us for a free consultation without obligations or sales pressure. Fill out this simple form or call us (401-751-3320)

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