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Selling Your Company, Step 9:
Meeting with Prospective Business Buyers

Conference Call (buyer, seller, broker)
Before inviting a (screened) prospect to an on-site meeting with you, we like to arrange a conference call so that both the buyer and seller can decide if there are grounds for going further. Is this someone you may want to sell your business to? On this conference call you will have the opportunity to ask the prospective buyer questions and he or she will be able to ask you questions about your business. By the time we invite a prospective buyer to have a conference call with you, he will have:

Face to Face Meeting
You have a business to run. You probably donít need a long stream of prospective buyers visiting you, arousing suspicions among customers and employees, and taking up your time with probing questions about your company.

We understand that this isnít what you want. In fact, we believe that most business sellers have a tolerance level of no more than five to eight prospect visitors before getting to the letter of intent stage. So, our policy is to bring you only well screened prospects for personal visits who we believe you may want to sell your business to.

Care will be taken to keep the purpose of the prospectís visit confidential. Prospects will be waned against discussing the purpose of their visit with anyone but you or those who you authorize to be in on the discussion.

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