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Sell Your Business: No Upfront Fee

Selling your company may well be the largest financial transaction you ever make. It also may be one of the most complicated transactions you ever make. It's very important to get it right.

  • To successfully sell your business, it needs to be packaged and marketed both aggressively and confidentially.

  • The terms of the business sale can be as important as the selling price

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  • Once you decide to sell your company, it needs to be handled discretely, efficiently, and expeditiously

  • And, during the entire process you need to keep running your business

We've learned a lot about mergers and acquisitions over the past 20+ years in business. Based upon our long experience, we offer a range of services to those considering selling a business.

Please take a look around our website. If you are contemplating selling a company or have related needs, you'll certainly find it helpful. Be sure to check out our step-by-step overview of how a business is sold. We charge no upfront fee for selling a business.

We focus on (but do not entirely limit to) companies with sales in the $1MM to $20MM range located in the New England States: MA, CT, NH, RI, VT, ME .

If any of our M&A services fit your needs, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation without obligations or sales pressure. Fill out this simple form or call us (401-751-3320)

Free initial consultation and evaluation for business sellers

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