Beware Slick Seminars

Selling a Business:

Beware of "Selling Your Business" Seminars

There are a number of companies that run How To Sell Your Business seminars. Undoubtedly some of these seminars are valuable and some of the sponsoring firms are legitimate. However, some of these selling your business seminars are cleverly designed to take advantage of business owner's natural inclination to want to hear their company is worth far more than they ever dreamed possible. What is more, some of these seminars include claims that they are in touch with well financed buyers looking for a business just like the one you are selling. They promise a great deal more than they deliver and charge a very high price for their services.

If you attend a seminar and the pitch is along the lines of:

  • There are foreign buyers just waiting to buy a company like yours

  • If you don't sell NOW, your business will be worth a whole lot less in the near future

  • All those financially based business valuation methods don't apply in your case. We can get MUCH more

  • We just need you to sign this and pay us a fee (of $25,000 to $60,000) to prove you are serious

Be careful of these sell your business seminars. Remember the old adage: "If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is." Before writing a large check, do some research into the company you are dealing with.

We can help you evaluate a proposal to sell your business. See our page, Consulting for Business Sellers.

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