Our Services, Buy Your Competitor

We specialize in helping business owners buy their competitors.

It's not easy to approach a competitor, even a friendly competitor with a proposal so bold as a buyout.

We will make the initial approach on your behalf without revealing your (or your company's) identity, until you authorize us to do so. For under $350 we will:

  1. Initial Research: We will first research your competitor using our proprietary databases and other sources. We will share our findings with you. This information alone, may justify the cost of our service! We'll search for:
    • Indication of company size
      • Number employees
      • Sales volume
    • Judgments and other government filings such as
      • Bankruptcies
      • Tax liens
      • Other liens
      • UCC filings
      • Other government and legal actions
      • Credit and recent account payments status
      • Ownership changes
      • Company history
  2. Initial Approach: We will approach your competitor discretely and professionally by mail. Each approach is individualized, but based on principles that we have developed, honed, and tested over many years of approaching competitors on behalf of our clients.
    • We will follow up each letter contact up to three times by phone, as necessary.
    • Upon making contact with your competitor, we will :
      • explain to your competitor that our client is a seriously interested party who wants to make a fair deal quickly and discretely. We will not reveal your or your company's identity at this point.
      • explain the benefits and advantages of considering a sale now
      • explain that this is the way to keep the business off the market and getting a deal done confidentially and quickly. We'll point out that once a business is on the market
        • it attracts lots of tire kickers who ask for all sorts of information
        • it runs the very real risk of employees, customers, and suppliers finding out
        • if it is sold through the open market, the seller will likely encounter broker fees
  3. Report to you: We'll provide you with a full report of our findings and interactions with your competitor.
  4. Follow Ups: Often, a business owner's first reaction is 'NO'. But after thinking it through for a while, that position softens a bit. So, we will do another contact at about one month following the first contact, and another at about 2 months, inviting your competitor to reconsider the idea of selling.

Putting a deal together: If it looks like a deal can be made, for an additional fee we can assist you in:

Free initial consultation on buying competitor

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